Sounds: Sealife // Breaking Up Together

Everyone stop what you’re doing. That includes you Alex and Kev at Union Pool rocking out to Big Bliss right now (jealous I’m not there, but I’ve got more pressing things).

I’m coming out of my flu shaped rock to share this new music video from the Seattle homie Sealife. “Breaking Up Together” is less of an end of summer track and more of my summer anthem (but then again, no one forced me to get on dating apps).

It’s one of those tracks where if you listen to it enough times you’ll cry; and then if you play it even more you’ll smile from nostalgia. The vocals are soft and sincere, the lyrics reach a depth that you tend to hear less and less of in bedroom pop tracks, and everything is just so damn moving.

I’m so incredibly late at getting this premiere up that I’m positive Sealife hates me, but once I stop blabbering and crying over this track, we can all move on and hold hands and hug under rainbows.

That’s the whole point of life right?

I swear I’m not on an acid trip but I am going to take some more Nyquil.

Listen// love below:

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