Sounds: funatish // Boredom is The Cause of Relapse

I won’t let go
Cause there’s a mission
Just for you

Words by K

Can we all just take a moment and consider the title of this track from Brazil’s funatish, “Boredom is The Cause of Relapse.” I feel this more and more each day—the summer was really hard, not for any particular reason, but the heat, and overall irritation, and that dreaded thing called boredom—it all became a bit too much.

Stated as to “make music in a horribly lit bedroom when it’s night outside,” funatish is that dark, nagging voice inside of you that isn’t telling you to go outside, but rather to stay in. Not entirely wallow, but just sit there. And then get into one of those vices that you were trying to stay away from.

It’s a serious thing and between the dark, instrumentals and chaotic, almost chanting, vocals, this track really hits home. Except it is light outside and so these feelings really should go back until the evening, or during a full moon, where they make more sense to the outside world.