Sounds: no reception // Time To Kill

you’re just someone with time to kill

Looking for a badass female artist that gives you strong summer vibes, and a little bit of positivity? Well you’re in luck. It’s the end of the workday if you’re living and breathing in New York, and no reception has just released this new track “Time To Kill.”

This track is super meaningful to me because it was one of the first songs I wrote where I felt like I really found my sound as an artist. My first full album was already out at the time of writing it, but the album was a really eclectic collection of different genres, and with, “Time To Kill”, as well as the rest of the EP I’m releasing, there was an “oh my god this is what I’ve been wanting to create all this time!!” moment where things really clicked.

Time To Kill is the first in a string of releases from the independent pop punk artist no reception (based in Rye, New York). She’s secretly my best friend, but she doesn’t know it yet.

The whole story behind the song is also interesting because I wrote it at this bizarre time when I was struggling to maintain this quasi-long-distance relationship with this girl and it briefly got better so at one point I actually played her the song and was like “lol I wrote this about you when I thought you were dubbing me” and then shortly after that things really fell apart and that led to a lot of the other songs on the EP!

Classic. We’ve ALL been there (maybe even still going through it now).

Listen to the track below x (and girls you better start treating her with some respectttt).

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