Sounds: The Bullseyes // Yet There’s You

There is nothing that I would rather do than frolic in this field/ music video quirky paradise-world, created by Polish band The Bullseyes.

The alt rock / indie duo is the perfect combination of catchiness, honesty and energy in music. Inspired by great rock duos of early 2000s combined with a wild fascination of early British invasion and neo-psychodelia.

“Flowers on the ground, birds are flying high, but there is always YOU, no matter how hard I try…” After a very stressful day, Matt (vocalist) went for a bike ride to relieve the stress he was in. Unfortunately, he had his phone with him. This song was inspired by that one annoying thing that won’t leave your brain, even when you try so hard to zone out away from it.

There was always “it” and for Matt, “it” was the technology and endless notification flow that distracted him from supposedly enjoying the day, and that became the chorus of this new song by The Bullseyes.

Well in this case, we are thankfully he had his phone on him but next time dude, disconnect (and remind us to do the same every now and then).

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