Sounds: Still Parade // Soon Enough

It took about two seconds of listening to the tripped-out harpsichord at the beginning of “Soon Enough” for me to fall in love with Still Parade.

“Soon Enough” tries to capture an ephemeral moment, like a beautiful sunset, that you know is going to slip away,” Nikilas Kramer – aka Still Parade – said. “It’s not meant to be a whole metaphor for life or anything, but that’s one of the general vibes on the record, trying to hold on.”

“Soon Enough” is one of those ethereal, psychedelic tunes that brings back memories of The Beatles (“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” anybody?) at their most eccentric: hazy, sun-soaked, and a little out of focus. Mix in a hint of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” and just enough of that trans-Atlantic je nes sais quoi, and you’ve got a song you’ll be listening to long after the sun sets.

Check it out here:

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