Podcast x Sounds: This Week x David Rovics

This whole weekend was pretty much a blur. Not because I did anything crazy exciting, or spent it tripping on acid, but because I pretty much slept through the whole weekend (save for an AMAZING 2 hours of my life spent with Termination Dust at Bushwick Public House).

Anywho, a highlight of the weekend was receiving this email from David Rovics—he does a micro-podcast called “This Week with David Rovics” and it reminds me of a weird mix of David Sedaris reading the news, and Bob Boilen coming in with some super strange band to do a wrap up at the end. Which is my way of saying what David Rovics is doing is really rad, and super weird, and probably the best way to get a tidbit of news of something culturally and politically relevant.

Each show is between 5 to 7 minutes long and includes an audio essay about a recent event, or an especially relevant event in world history, followed by an original song on the subject.

I know it’s Monday so I’m a little late. Sue me, this is brilliant and posting late is better than not posting at all. 

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