Sounds: Improvement Movement // It’s a Situation

Improvement Movement‘s “It’s a Situation” is neurotic, meandering, and possibly a little psychotic (thought “psychedelic” would probably be a better way to describe it).

“We were forced to write this song when our previous company Culture Culture World Wide LLC was taken over in a hostile merger by IMPROVEMENT MOVEMENT INC. The song serves to illustrate one of the foundational elements of Improvement Movement’s ethos: Taking control of technology. We are excited to fulfill our contractual obligations by writing and producing 150 songs for Improvement Movement’s PR department over the next two years and hope to see all of you at the convention in 2019.” – Improvement Movement

There’s no easing into this song: from the first drum beat to the spacey, low-fi vocals and panned synth, this song is a serious sonic mind-trip.

Sit tight, close your eyes, and float downstream … or wherever Improvement Movement takes you.

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