Sounds: The Entrepreneurs // Joaquin

It’s my first day on the job with Left Bank Mag, and the first song I heard today was “Joaquin” by The Entrepreneurs. My initial reaction? “Yeah, this is gonna be rad.”

From the first hit of the drumsticks, there’s a reckless energy in The Entrepreneur’s latest single that reminds me of a band playing in the garage down the street. Forget the pop sheen and digital polish; this is full on, all out, blowing-up-the-speakers-and-getting-yelled-at-by-your-mom rock ‘n roll. If it’s too loud…well, you know what they say.

“Feels like we should take a trip outside

See what’s all around in this part of town

Where the lights are out and the doors are unlocked at night

And time flies right on by.” 

I’m not usually one for those loud, end of summer-anthem type rock songs, but I gotta admit: this one caught me off guard, and I think I’m ready to trade in an early fall for one more music festival under the stars, especially if these guys are playing the show.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself here:

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