Sounds: Joel Corry // Good As Gold

Holy crap this track is amazing and I am officially the biggest asshole on the planet for not getting it up sooner. It’s 1 a.m. and the track has been out a while, and sure last week as the worst week of my life (including oh you know, a suicidal note from a guy I had been dating) but what I love about house tracks is that all of the stuff that you’ve gone through, suddenly (albeit temporarily) feels 100% better.

The label Perfect Havoc has just added Joel Corry to their roster and seriously don’t let our bad judgement in posting this ages too late stop you from thinking (hell, knowing) that Joel Corry is the real deal.

The London-based DJ & producer Joel Corry also known from KISS Fresh began his DJing career at the age of 16. With over 10 years experience of worldwide touring, Joel switched his attention to production and made the studio his second home.

This year Joel Corry has been DJing all over the UK and Europe including Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza (miss you, love you), BH in Mallorca and Pambos in Ayia Napa for KISS FM.

Listen to the track “Good As Gold” featuring the gemstone Hayley May.

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