Sounds: Orions Belte // Joe Frazier

Norway’s Orions Belte threw me a little while listening to their latest release, “Joe Frazier.” The song starts out cool and groovy, a little bit of lo-fi, 70s style blues rock guitar set to a music video illustrated by VICE-featured illustrator Steph Hope. I’m nodding along, loving every second, and then, a minute and twenty seconds in, bam! Dreamy vocals kick in, launching “Joe Frazier” to a new, hypnotic high.

Combine a taste of psychedelia, a hint of the 1970s, some underground indie – a little of this, that, and the other – and you’ve got a sound that even the band can’t put a name on. The good news? It doesn’t matter at all. It’s loose, lucid, and feels so smooth. Check it out here:

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