Sounds: Heartthrob Chassis // Sister

Whether Margaret Doll Rod – the former force of nature behind Detroit’s iconic Demolition Doll Rods and current bombshell at the helm of Heartthrob Chassis – knew she was onto something intoxicating and dangerously sticky sweet when she returned to the city and the sound she knows best may go down as one of those legendary unanswered questions in the history of rock and roll.

Whether “Sister” is intoxicating and dangerously sticky sweet is no question at all. Heavy, edgy, and all wrapped up in the gritty Detroit grind that inspired The White Stripes and landed her on tour with The Cramps and Iggy Pop, “Sister” features Doll Rod’s deep, taunting vocals over a chugging electric guitar and a drum beat that just doesn’t quit.

“The songs just come,” Margaret says. “I don’t feel like I even write them. You know how an amplifier will pick up a radio station? I’m like that…to be certified for sharing, a song has gotta go through certain checkpoints inside my soul. There’s these basic instincts we have and my music is from there. It’s very primitive and very raw.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be waiting impatiently until Heartthrob Chassis plays anywhere nearby. Until then, check out “Sister” here:

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