Sounds: Lukka // Black Hole Fusion

Initial thoughts on “Black Hole Fusion”: a little psychedelic. A little lo-fi. A whole lot of “Ooh, I love this.”

New York City’s LUKKA is a captivatingly unique blend of the smooth melodies of the 60s, the rock ‘n roll chutzpa of the 70s, and just enough modern NYC edge to separate herself from every other 60s- and 70s-throwback act looking to capitalize on the incredible demand for sonics from rock’s golden era.

(Not that I have a problem with those acts, for the record. I need all the golden era sonics!)

But when the echoing guitar and a rumbling bass line kick in at 0:36, my head immediately started bobbing. Throw in her angelic, floating vocals on top of groove that threatens to be called funky and I’m in. I can dig it.

You can, too. Check it out here:

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