Sounds: Scarves // Sweet Tooth

Honestly, if I find out that a band’s from Seattle, the likelihood is that I’m going to like them before I ever even hear a song. There’s just something about the city’s passive reluctance to let the 90s go that I love. Luckily, Scarves‘ “Sweet Tooth,” the latest release from Dinner Dates for the End of Days, has the personality to back it up.

The trio blends just enough easy, grooving indie rock to draw in the casual listener with an off-kilter lift that reminds me a little bit of the abrupt musical shifts in the Rush records my dad used to play and swear I’d understand one day (guess what? I still don’t, but more power to you, Rush).

Even better, you can not only check “Sweet Tooth” out here, but you can catch Scarves on the road this autumn.

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