Sounds: Inning // White Girls, Black Jackets

I think I’ve referenced my ongoing obsession with Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist on Left Bank before, but guess what? It’s still going, and I found another song for the soundtrack for the sequel I’m writing in my head.

Based in a dorm room in Charlottesville, Virginia and born in the fall of 2017, Inning is the solo project of Evan Frolov. “White Girls, Black Jackets” has a similarly collegiate start; inspired by a sighting of a horde of girls wearing nearly identical black jackets outside of a sorority house, Frolov was struck by the innate similarities in people from any social group.

“While most love songs are declarations of love, “White Girls, Black Jackets” is more, “Yeah I love you and all, but why you?” Not enough people talk about how weird it is that someone so ordinary can also be so unique and special, even though they’re not so different from other people.”

Maybe the same can be said about this song; it shares a lot of qualities with a number of shoegaze-meets dreampop-meets indie rock songs I can think of, but there’s something about it that hooked me from the first line.

“I remember young love for the first time.

You were sitting down eating Oreos.”

Fall in love with “White Girls, Black Jackets” for the first time here:

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