Sounds x Album: The Refusers // Disobey

I thought the opening lines of “Playing with Fire” in The Refusers album Disobey was referencing ‘1984’, until I heard “Big Brother Is Watching” and I was like, HELL YEAH, The Refusers just get it.

Let me introduce you to a band that has the vocal aggression of  John Lydon, guitar of Sabbath, and some sick Doors synths mixed in.

This is what happens when you take an important piece of literature and make it an aggressive, and incredible piece of music. And this, my friends is just the beginning.

Released in September, Disobey is a modern take on classic rock, with vocals that kick ass on every track. I think “Disobey” is my second favorite track on the album, because “Playing with Fire” just KILLS but I’ll share the album and you can decide for yourself x.

I’ll tell you one thing before I leave you with this album, Seattle is New York’s chill, grungy, no fucks given cousin. And I dig it.

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