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It’s been a weird few weeks that’s for sure. To just give you a quick example, I came home early from work today, only to notice that my dog pooped on my new rug, and then took that poop to the bed where he had been eating it. No, I didn’t catch him red-handed, but the image is forever imprinted on my mind. I then had to take him to the vet (for another reason entirely) where I spent $70 for some ointment the size of my finger, and am now glued to my couch watching him try to take his cone off.

So, this incredible Loretta Lynn track just came on the radio (I’ve been listening to some country/bluegrass) and it made me realize that I haven’t posted a wrap-up of some amazing tracks since I think August. That’s about when my mood started to change too (working with a sociopath doesn’t help).

Nonetheless, I’ve compiled some tracks that make my soul feel good during all of this crap I’m going through. Hopefully you aren’t going through a tough go of it, but if you are, well, this one’s for you kid.

Human Pet – II To Infinity

Punch me in the face this track is so damn good. I love the hardcore British accent, the energy in the instrumentals, and how infectious the whole thing is. I’m in a pretty shit mood but this track makes literally every cloud lift. Which is crazy, cuz there’s a lot of clouds man.

Beacon – Be My Organ

Fun fact, for a few days last week I considered moving to Beacon, NY and getting an apartment with a view of the mountains. I even had an appointment to see a particular apartment (literally it was $1295 so don’t even scoff at me). Naturally, I’m including this track in my ‘current mood’ playlist. Also the video is INSANE. too good.

Visions In Clouds – Tides

A true shoegaze track with a post-punk bass line that warms my heart, Luzern’s Visions in Clouds has created the perfect track. And I don’t have any problem saying that. When I’m moody AF, I don’t go for Morrissey, it’s more like The Cure or PiL (and I’m getting crazy Cure vibes from this, with a more contemporary spin). I’m just going to play this everyday for the rest of my life. It’s settled.

the knives – Rain Dance

It’s all about the guitar, people, it’s all about the guitar. And then you get to the chorus and your whole body seems to burst and what was it that you’re fucking pissed about? Who knows, I don’t know, you don’t know, all we know is this track is the only wave I’m trying to ride. Don’t believe me? Alright, go ahead and play this and see what kind of drugs you feel like you’re on afterwards.

Kill Shelter – In Decay

Hello, Sisters of Mercy. I love anything dark and you don’t get much darker than this. Thankfully. Kill Shelter, your name kind of freaks me out but the music makes me feel like I’m floating, so I’ll take it.

Moscow Room – SWIM

Be still my dark heart. This track by Japanese producer Moscow Room, reminded me so hard of “Sofi Needs a Ladder” at first, which let’s be honest, is what hooked me. I can’t say no to a track that is just the right amount of moody with some Deadmau5 undertones. The video for this is also trippy as fuck and super rad.

Scar Polish – Protein Coated Sadness

These fucking Germans just GET IT. I spent some time in Berlin earlier this year and felt instantly at home. It took this lo-fi psych rock/ Berlin Electronics project Scar Polish 3 months to make this video. Guess what, it shows.


This last track was shared to me by a friend/music acquaintance and I just about passed out at work in those first five seconds. That bass line could do some damage. Now, I’m just waiting on BLEETH and Hot Knives to get together for a show so we can all end up with bleeding ears and busted windows. On that note, I’m going to bed.

Written by K, obviously.

Cover photo by: Chad Kamenshine

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