Sounds: Darkwing // Vicious/ Who U R

Brooklyn-via-New Jersey-based Darkwing’s latest release, “Vicious / Who U R” hits hard from the first beat and doesn’t stop for the next three minutes and forty-seven seconds. And I love it.

A paranoid, oscillating, heavy-handed sonic attack driven by a raging rhythm section and screaming guitars, the brainchild of Richard Rogers and the first release from Darkwing’s upcoming EP, Super Silver, offers a no-holds-barred look at the punk meets surf meets grungy, modern California rock that’s made the band an underground sensation.

It’s aggressive enough to make me want to turn it up as loud as I can, but it just pumps me up rather than making me angry, like some punk rock has been known to do. It’s been a long day and I may need to find a way to have “Vicious / Who U R” pumped intravenously. In the meantime, I’m going to turn up the speakers until they start rattling and have my own mini jam session.

Dig it here:

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