Sounds: False Heads // Yellow

London-based punk rockers False Heads have already gotten the nod of approval from punk icon Iggy Pop and Danny Fields, legendary manager of The Ramones. If that’s not enough to make you want to listen to “Yellow,” keep reading, because you’re gonna want to hit play in less than sixty seconds.

Featuring snarling vocals, fuzzy guitar, tempo changes, and variating rhythmic sections, “Yellow” is a wake up call through the speakers of your cell phone, challenging the impact of willful ignorance on society. Written in the storage container that the band rents out for rehearsals and writing sessions, “Yellow” launches into the sonic stratosphere from the beginning and doesn’t quit until its abrupt, startling end.

We had the verses and choruses really contrasting and just wanted a big, almost metal beatdown in the middle to come out of nowhere,” says lead singer and guitarist Luke Griffiths. “The lyrics were influenced from a Christopher Hitchens story – I wanted to discuss my views on the impact of religion on society, and the consequences of playing ignorance to reality – “the less I know…”” 

The result? One hell of a punch. Check it out here:

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