Sounds: Alexander Vincent // Free Myself

It’s easy to joke about fate. The little things that happen to you that seem inconsequential at the time, but push you into an entirely new chapter. The big things that feel like they’ll change your life forever, but are only hiccup to pass once the spike in your diaphragm settles. But, no matter the situation, fate gives us a chance to chuckle at its plans for us.

I quit my job last week. I was working at a successful company for a decent wage. But, I was miserable, and writing about music called me so I left for greener pastures. Lo and behold, my first article since then is about a musician doing the same thing. God, I love fate’s sense of humor.

Alexander Vincent has spent the last four years as the drummer for Magic!, of whom I’m a big fan. Despite his success, Vincent wanted to express his true sound again. He does just that.

The lyrics, melancholy tone, and rhythm express the exact emotion of staring at a clock and waiting for a change. It’s simultaneously tragic and inspiring, like the seconds before a great leap. Free Myself is a truly masterful rediscovery of artistic voice.

Bravo, Alexander. I can’t wait to hear where your sound takes you.

Hear it below:


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