Sounds: Monograms // Soft Pedal

Brooklyn-based band Monograms has a sound that has consistently changed every project, from sultry indie pop to post-punk’s weirdness. Today the band is premiering their latest single “Soft Pedal” off their upcoming EP Beekeepers, which sees the band exploring new territory by incorporating a much more heavy synth-base approach. With these new synths and bright guitars leading from the start, its easy to mask a dark song whose lyrics have a much darker undertone Main songwriter Ian Jacobs leads us through a story of a relationship which he’s been unable to maintain and the struggles of family, one whose seen a decades worth of constant battling.

“Crawling through someone else’s skin, who knows what circumstances were decades out”, croons Jacobs as he try’s to find the silver lining in this dying love. Followed by both sides hoping to find common ground, “You say its written till the end, lets try and try and try again… maybe not”.  As guitars and propulsive drums kick into high gear, it seems clear there is no going back, “Your eyes go white, so much mistakes, they’re all the same”.  Family is one of the most important relationships a person will have in life but it can also be one of the hardest to keep afloat. Monograms is here to give a voice to those shunned away by those we love and have lost. Listen below…

Beekeepers is out this Friday (10/26) with a release show this Saturday (10/27) with Holy Tunics and Parrot Dream at Secret Project Robot (RSVP).

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