Sounds: Jaguar Dreams // Behind Those Clothes

First thoughts on NYC-based Jaguar Dreams‘ latest single, “Behind Those Clothes”? Deliciously danceable and so incredibly catchy. And we’ll get to that. But first, let’s talk about their name, because I love the story behind it.

While on a trip to the Amazon, Ben Eberdt, Michael Kelly, and Tim Kiely heard of ancient tales of men who would trade consciousness with jaguars while in the jungle to have their soul overtaken by the animal. Seriously, how cool is that?

“Behind Those Clothes” is just as rad, though. I’m hearing Bee Gees with a touch of rock, a little hint of Prince’s effortless sensuality, and a vintage synth sound that’s kept my head bobbing since I started listening to it. When they called themselves “an indie-rock band that you can dance to,” they were spot on. I can dig it.

You can, too. Just make sure you’ve got your dancing shoes on.

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