Sounds: Inning // D.C. Party Machine

Charlottesville, VA indie rock group Inning – featuring songwriter/vocalist Evan Frolov – made their debut on Left Bank a few weeks ago with the shoegaze dream track, “White Girls, Black Jackets.” The second release and title track from Inning’s debut EP, The D.C. Party Machine EP, “D.C. Party Machine” is an equally dreamy track chronicling a new era of Frolov’s life.

Inspired by a stint as an intern in Washington, D.C., “D.C. Party Machine” is a love song to the city and the changes Frolov experienced during his time there.

“I felt proud of my accomplishments and confident in myself,” Frolov says. “It was a departure from the indie rock, awkward, slightly self-deprecating persona I had somehow acquired. But while in D.C., I felt respected. I was making money doing something I loved, and I was going to fancy parties. This song is an ode to adulthood, and a love song for D.C. and myself.”

Adept at painting a scene with great detail (I left my car on Wall Street / And I look cool with my shades on / And every blonde girl thinks I’m so tight / I wanna be there / I even try), Frolov has a unique ability to draw me into the song until I’m there with him, walking into a party with a bottle of rum in a brown bag because “I’m no boring birthday card.” I can’t be sure, but I might even love D.C.

Watch the music video to “D.C. Party Machine” here:

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