Sounds: Lazy Bones // Restless Sleeper

How often do I write about the melancholy music that helps me through a restless night? It has to be damn near every shoegaze song I review. There’s just something about it — it’s the music that helps my brain stop thinking for one fucking second so I can finally get some sleep. (Last night: Van Common and Phoebe Bridgers)

Lazy Bones delivered the shining exemplar of late-night music and what it does for a lonely human being. “Restless Sleeper” is about moving to a new city and feeling all alone while the night passes you by. Lying in bed and staring out the window at the street lights, it’s a moment where someone can feel so incredibly isolated,  while thousands of people, just like them, stare out a window of their own.

“Restless Sleeper” reminds us that loneliness and solitude aren’t synonymous as longingly wait to sleep. There’s a camaraderie in music. Not only are we not alone in a restless night, but the musicians themselves feel the same thing. Why else would they share the experience with us?

Hear it below:


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