Sounds: Pizzagirl // Highschool

Anyone who knows me can attest to my unbridled love of 80s music. The synthed out melodies, electronic drums, and vocal echos that go all night never fail to put a grin on my face. It’s all lovely glitter and cocaine varnish over empty hearts and anxious minds. The ennui is palpable.

Pizzagirl is my new choice fix of glamorous melancholy. I want them injected straight into my veins. Morrissey and R.E.M. blend perfectly in a cacophony of nostalgia. Not just 80s nostalgia, no, but that timeless ache. That “simpler time” that everyone thinks about at some point.

Sometimes I think you think I’ve lost my cool.

The thought alone just makes me think that I do.

Sometimes I think you think I’ve lost my cool.

You looked at me with brighter eyes in high school.

Highschool is all beautiful ache that reminds you that you’re alive.

Hear it below:


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