Sounds: Tender Glue // Endlessly

When Tender Glue moved out of Brooklyn and into an apartment in Manhattan, the first thing he did was build a studio in one of the tiny closets and begin writing and recording his newest album.

“It was actually a bad idea,” Tom Gluewicki – the man behind the music –  said as he looks back on the project, “Not only can you hear the high pitch, static noise and interference in the monitors, you could also hear everything going on…including the dishwasher or cell phones. I had to sit on the floor with the mic close to the ground to record vocals because it was the only place that the mic wouldn’t pick up those noises, but I was too stubborn to change it, since I already decided the album name was going to be called Closet Leftovers.” 

Whether he thought it was a bad idea or not, we think it was genius, because we’re 115% in love with “Endlessly.” Mellow but earnest and pleading, “Endlessly” is three and a half minutes of a man pouring his heart out to the one he loves.

Nothing’s mine, nothing’s yours / Follow me ’til we turn to dust / Common love, come and see / Common love, endlessly.

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