Sounds: David Vassalotti // The Light

Tampa native David Vassalotti has crafted some of the best guitar lines in recent memory through his solo projects and as a member of indie stalwarts, Merchandise. Through his fusion of noise, country, and pop styles he’s solidified his status as a master of the six string beast. Now he’s set to release his second LP Guitar Dream on January 25th, 2019 via Wharf Cat Records. Compared to 2016’s experimental debut Broken Mirror, this is a much welcomed return to the songwriting prowess he displayed with Merchandise. “The Light”, the first single off the album, is a sweet ballad for those twilight drives you remember taking as a teenager to escape from home.  An acoustic guitar fills your head as Vassalotti’s soothing voice bids you to “…cast your burdens down, as we watch the other world drown”. While a quiet snare drum echoes in the background and Vassalotti’s graceful western style takes you on a journey away from life’s daily ills to a place of pure comfort. As the song comes to an end, the guitar transforms into an electric playing one low note which plays repeatedly but increasing at volume with each strum, propelling your soul to those better days. For fans of The Jam and The Cleaners from Venus’ wholesome sound, look no further.

Guitar Dream is out January 25th, 2019 – preorder here.

Listen below…

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