Sounds: M A I S Ø N // Under My Clothes ft. MAJRO

Halmstad, Sweden’s producer-extraordinaire, MAISØN, captures the warm, endless feeling of summer with “Under My Clothes,” his label debut under Armada, featuring vocalist MAJRO.

It’s long past summertime here, but if I close my eyes, I can imagine I’m on a beach somewhere, falling in love for the first time. Melancholy and nostalgic with a breathless joie de vivre, “Under My Clothes” is a lushly textured, tropically tinged, danceable track and a stellar debut for the newcomer.

“The lyrics are about an addiction, as everyone is addicted to something,” he says of the track. “That’s why I think a lot of people will find them meaningful. I hope to unite audiences under the shadow that addiction – whether to substances or love – casts on so many people.” 

One thing’s for sure: winter is coming, but I’m addicted to the endless summer captured in “Under My Clothes.” Check it out here:

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