Sounds: Puma Blue // Lust

Britain’s Puma Blue‘s latest release, “Lust,” is a sexy, introspective slow-burner, ebbing and flowing around a loop created – as usual – in his bedroom studio.

What stood out most to me, though, was how Puma Blue – better known as Jacob Allen – created such a meandering, open-ended atmosphere in “Lust.” The song rises and falls almost on its own, following a heartbeat tucked deep into the track, while his vocals deliver the same goosebumps as a whisper in a crowded room with a jazz band improving in the corner stage.

“Lust” is equal parts the soundtrack to an old movie set in Paris and the newest addition to your “Bedroom Moods” playlist. Watch the music video, directed by London duo Do Not Entry and inspired by Puma Blue’s favorite filmmaker, Won Kar Wai, here:

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