Sounds: Spooky Cigarette // Slowly

San Diego’s Spooky Cigarette blew me away with “Slowly.” The latest release from the new wave/post punk band, “Slowly” is another song to add to the imaginary soundtrack for the Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist sequel I’m writing in my head.

A perfect blend between the audibly obscure and so sonically sweet it’ll be stuck in your head for weeks, “Slowly” jumps out from the endless vortex of sounds on the internet. Written as a musical reckoning with the insecurities, doubts, and fears of coming out as anything other than heteronormative in the modern world, the band says that the name itself is a facetious nudge at their frontman’s self-proclaimed identity as a black (spook) fag (cigarette).

Their debut EP, As Loud As I Can, chronicles their attempts to fully realize social and sexual identity, while reconciling the time they lost through inaction. “It’s both haunting and inviting,” the band says, “like writhing in a chaise to find the perfect position.”

Listen to “Slowly” here:

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