Sounds: Dehd // Dying For

Chicago trio Dehd caught my attention this year when I caught them supporting DC punks Flasher back in June at a gig in Atlanta. The band’s mix of reverb-drenched vocals and quirky yet catchy sound made me appreciate the simplicity of great songwriting. A supergroup of sorts, compromised of Emily Kempf (ex-LaLa LaLa), Jason Balla (NE-HI, Earring) and Eric McGrady on drums. Last week, the band debuted their latest single “Dying For”, a reprieve for the duress we all feel when chasing a dream that seems so far away. A jingly guitar line goes hand in hand with Balla’s lyrics painting a gloomy picture as he begs the question, “Is a dream worth dying for when you’re six feet under ground?//… aern’t you tired now?”. Kemp’s slow humming bass and McGrady’s ever so gently hit snare echo the lonely circumstances that come with life on the road as a touring band. The fleeting relationships, gas stations, empty greenrooms, depression and strain a person develops as they travel through different cities comes across with Balla’s delivery. The pursuit of happiness is filled with tribulation but Dehd are here to let you know that you aren’t alone.

Take a listen below…



11/6 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trans Pecos

11/8 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Pharmacy

11/9 – Baltimore, MD @ U+N Fest

11/10 – Cincinatti, OH @ The Comet

11/11 – Chicago, Ill @ Thalia Hall w. Shannon & The Clams

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