Editor’s Space: Fun-Employment Mood

If you’re up when I’m actually posting this, well, bless your soul, you understand the value of life and how crazy it can be sometimes.

For everyone else, it’s circa 2 a.m. and I’m verifiably wasted; went to a sick show in Brooklyn, I’ve recently quit my job and now work full-time for myself (holla!) and my dog is in the other room, eating his new bone and thinking of ways to ruin my life. It’s great.

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while, and while I don’t wish to have a ton of grammatical errors, the mood is right and in true Left Bank fashion, that’s when I’m posting.

This playlist of sorts is a mixture of total happiness // freedom and a little apprehension for the future; it’s the yin and the yang and for anyone who is currently experiencing what I am, well, this is for you.

Sugar John – God Steal My Thoughts

This is a song about how it feels to have God steal your thoughts, among other things. Its feeling is fun and animalistic—lush, thick psychedelic pop.

I’m not about to get up on a pedestal and shout out my feelings about God and the universe to you. This track is like Weezer meets 2018, it’s grungy and garage and speaks Cali vibes all day. And, well, as someone who grew up mad religious, I gotta say there’s a part of me that thinks that this whole thing I’m doing right now isn’t a mistake.

The Holy Knives – Stray Dog

Okay seriously, this track goes so hard.  Born and raised in New Orleans, residing in San Antonio, The Holy Knives released their debut EP, Ritual Bloom, this spring, performing at SXSW before touring across the United States. They make me feel like I want to cry over the uncertainty over everything, but they’ve got “fuck it” undertones that I can really dig. Am I stray dog or like a badass stray dog that doesn’t answer to anyone?

Art by Max Hurley


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