Sounds: Oloff // Go Away Easily

Bristol’s genre-melding artist Oloff blends his signature mellow, lo-fi R&B with ambient sonic soundscapes in his latest single, the introspective “Go Away Easily.”

Reminding me of something between a poetry reading in a dark cafe and the reserve of Mac Miller’s Tiny Desk performance, “Go Away Easily” is an evocative spoken-word piece, taking this rock ‘n roll devotee into unknown territory and landing somewhere that feels strangely familiar.

It all breaks down to the lyrics, poignant above a minimalistic instrumental track: “You ain’t supposed to talk about this / You ain’t supposed to talk about that / But if you ain’t supposed to talk about it, how you supposed to sort it out? My shit ain’t gonna go away easily.” It hit me where it hurts today, and I backed the track up to listen to it a few times before moving on. Sometimes it’s the simplest lines that get you.

Check out “Go Away Easily” here:


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