Sounds: Sweetsoak // Cornish College Party

Seattle’s indie-rock group Sweetsoak just debuted their latest track, “Cornish College Party,” and we L.O.V.E. it. Featuring robotic, monotone vocals that mimic the conversation of a group of college students at a party, Sweetsoak captures the effortless irony that too many indie bands strive for but never truly achieve.

It’s almost funny how clearly I can imagine this conversation taking place in the middle of a crowded room: “Oh, my God, I’m sick to death. I’m bored of this. This party sucks. I need a cigarette. Let’s go get drugs. I’m barely drunk. I’m pretty sure there’s an ATM. Oh, you got cash? I got cash, too. We’ll combo it, or I can Venmo you.”

But it’s the snarky tone to the vocals that makes this song. If it were sung with any real passion or emotion at all – if the vocalist made me feel like he really wanted to Venmo me – I would pass it off as another offbeat but not-quite-listenable track. But I love the snark. I love the irony and the sarcasm. And I definitely do not want to go to a Cornish College Party.

Stream “Cornish College Party” now: