Editor’s Space: Meet the New LBM Editor

Well, this post is super bittersweet. If you haven’t been following up with my life via drunk posts and Instagram teasers, then this might come as a bit of a shock (in a good way).

I was 13-year-old boy angsty for the past few months, working a DAMN good job and making a ton of money (always nice) and building out Left Bank to the point that I was working around 80 hours a week. Probably more.

As of last week, I quit my job to focus full-time on my freelance business and of course, the magazine. We launched a college spinoff (Left Bank College), are planning a zine launch and accompanying show, and are working on placing the zines in bookstores around the world. It’s a huge venture, and it’s a journey that I can’t do by myself.

In the past month, one of our most dedicated writers, Luci Turner, has proven herself to be the epitome of Left Bank. She’s super cool, is in a really successful (and amazing) band BEAU + LUCI, loves Left Bank like I do (which is rare), and has the drive and the smarts to help make this magazine bigger than either of us can probably imagine at this point.

That being said, she will take over as the Editor of Left Bank Magazine, and I will be sliding into the Editor in Chief // Publisher role. She’ll be your go-to person for sending in submissions, curating content, managing the team, and writing / delegating content. I can’t honestly think of a better person for this than her.

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So, welcome her to this new role, send her your congrats, and give me all those good vibes as I work to build out ($$$) the magazine. She can be reached at luci@leftbankmag.com.

It’s a long road, but a good one, and one I’m not on alone.



P.S. if you want to reach out to me regarding big partnerships, Left Bank College, or etc, its the same inbox (editor@leftbankmag.com) just do a subject line: for Kay

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