Sounds: BUHU // Yew

Austin’s synth-pop duo BUHU – fronted by lead singer and producer Jeremy Rogers and Tiffany Paciga – seriously made us fall in love all over again with their latest release, “Yew.”

Written for his Rogers’, “Yew” is dreamy and sentimental, but deeply rooted and far from the candy-sweet, glorified-one-night-stands cycling through on pop radio.

“I wanted more than I could take

Living like a fool with nothing at stake

Then I found you.” 

Jeremy’s vocals are soft and intimate, drifting above a sonic landscape of synth and strings as he reveals the deepest feelings of his heart. It almost feels like listening in on a conversation I wasn’t really meant to hear, but just can’t ignore.

“I had no sense of my fate or who I was

Can you relate?

Then I found you.” 

I’m a sucker for a good love song, and this one checks off every box for me. Prepare to be put on replay, “Yew.”

Check out BUHU’s new music video for “Yew” here:

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