Sounds: Ignacio Etchegaray // S-Bahn

Berlin, Germany-by-Argentina recording artist Ignacio Etchegaray‘s newest release, the poignant, moving “S-Bahn,” is, in a word, amazing. 

Besides the fact that the music video is like a tiny little movie, self-produced and shot on 16mm analog film, then hand-developed at Berlin’s Labor Berlin Labs (which is seriously  just cool), “S-Bahn” gives me this wistful, nostalgic, sweetly painful feeling. It’s love in the wintertime, when everything is a little hazy and out of focus, perfectly captured in song.

“The song is about a love story, with a message of trusting your heart and turning romance into unconditional love, come what may, under any type of storm.” – Ignacio Etchegaray

Written, arranged, produced, and mixed by Ignacio himself, “S-Bahn” is the kind of deeply personal track you’re lucky to stumble across in the sonic wasteland. Check out the video here:

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