Sounds: Kills Birds // Worthy Girl

I’m gonna be real with you: songs like “Worthy Girl” and bands like Kills Birds are the reason I got into music journalism in the first place. They’re the reason I started liking music in the first place.

“Worthy Girl” just took its spot on a short list of songs that have really rocked my world. I hear all the best parts of all my favorite bands here: the barely-contained neuroticism and raw power of Jack White, the heaving rhythm of the Arctic Monkeys, the wired, mad energy of Alison Mosshart, screaming and howling across a track that hits with the force of a nuclear bomb. I’ve played and replayed this song about ten times and I want to plug it in to the biggest speakers in the house and crank it up until every window is rattling and the neighbors are forced to become fans because they can’t escape the pure electric rock pounding its way out of the song.

Plus, Kim Gordon gave it her seal of approval, and if you think I’m gonna disagree with her, you’ve got another thing coming.

10/10, five stars, whatever I have to give, I give it to you, Kills Birds. Keep on rocking and come to Atlanta SOON.

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