Sounds: Oloff // MarioLuigi

London’s Oloff is back for more (we reviewed his killer track “Go Away Easily“) with “MarioLuigi,” and we are in love x 2.

You know what I really like about Oloff? He doesn’t sugarcoat anything. His music is stripped and sonically mellow, and his vocals are reserved and subtle. But his lyrics hit hard, and the stories he tells don’t always have a happy ending.

“[“MarioLuigi” is] a song about drugs, failure, and half-hearted acceptance. I’m trapped in an ADD industry where being different is frowned upon and nobody really wants to give anything the time of day unless it makes them feel cool or falls within the confines of what they already know as music. As a result, some of the only times where I feel “free” or “myself” are when I’m high on drugs and living in a fantasy world. “

It’s a stark reality that Oloff doesn’t shy away from, even if it means making people uncomfortable. But that’s what art’s for, right? To make you feel something?

Watch the music video for “MarioLuigi” here:

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