Sounds: Psychic Love // Go Away Green

“Did you know that in Disney Land and Disney World, they paint things they don’t want you to notice in a shade of green called “Go Away Green”?” – Laura Peters

Way to get my attention, Psychic Love. Other than with this grungy, dark track that’s all Nancy-Sinatra-meets-Frank-Black with a little hint of Lana Del Rey’s thoroughly modern misery.

Based in Echo Park and fronted by Laura Peters, Psychic Love‘s “Go Away Green” is dreamy and heavy, starting off as slow and ominous as a durge before the synth kicks in, bringing back the 80s in the best way. This is one of my favorite tracks yet, and it totally snuck up and grabbed me the moment the drums start driving and Laura’s voice soars, melodic and ethereal.

Prepare to be put on repeat, “Go Away Green.” And also prepare to fall in love with Laura Peters. Because you’re gonna, for sure.

Stream “Go Away Green” here:

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