Sounds: Sheer Calm // Copper Tongue

Okay, first off, London’s Sheer Calm and their latest track, “Copper Tongue,” are anything but calm. In fact, I feel like I’ve had just a little too much caffeine and am on the verge of a panic attack, but in a really, really cool way.

The rising and falling dynamics kick off without any warning and drag you along behind, but believe me: you’ll enjoy it. Sheer Calm is loud, abrasive, and on the brink of spinning out of control…aka everything a noise-rock, post-punk band should be, and I LOVE it. I don’t know if it’s the little spark of teenage rebellion left in me, but I like songs that make me feel like running around screaming and pumping my fist in the air.

It’s an injustice to listen to this song using headphones or with the volume down, but it’d be more of an injustice not to listen, so do what you must. But we suggest vintage speakers. The bigger, the better.

Watch the music video for “Copper Tongue” here. You can thank us later:

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