Sounds x Seen: Ficture // Live Video

I’m just going to be honest with you, I’m the absolute worst at multitasking—I get distracted SO easily, I’m wondering if adderall is something I should add to my repertoire of medicine input. Then you get something like this live video from Ficture, and it’s like wow, there are some things in life I could never do. Being him is one of them.

This video’s aim is to capture the multitasking behavior of this one-man band featuring its storytelling attitude.

The sonic outcome of Gábor Tokár’s alterego Ficture is a collage of various sound sources—ranging from field recordings to analog synthesizers, while keeping in mind that literally everything around us can be a potential part of music.

Recorded at Berlin’s Noize Fabrik, Ficture takes us into the process of recording a track, manipulating sound to create nothing short of a symphony, and maintaining that artistry that swirls in his head and comes out in his hands.

It’s both soothing and chaotic—partially from watching him and wondering what on earth is going on in his head, and like, what did he eat for breakfast?

Does someone like that even eat breakfast? He’s no man, he’s machine.

Watch the live video below and someone send me some adderall so I can get on his level. Just kidding, I think.

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