Sounds: Dom Tivadar // Bottle Go Bang

Ugh, seriously, I just love songs like this. It’s so trippy and wild and rock ‘n roll. The distortion on the vocals is my favorite sound in the world. I live for uncovering tracks like these.

The first single off his upcoming album, Sings and Plays Vol. 2, Dom Tivadar‘s “Bottle Go Bang” is a real banger (pardon the pun). I’ll say it again: I love it! It’s got all the razzle-dazzle, one-two-punch feel of a punk band with the avant-garde approach of a group like The Velvet Underground. His vocals are low and almost too distorted to understand, but they fit the raucous, imperfect, beating-bins-in-an-abandoned-warehouse-for-art, who-gives-a-shit vibe of the track.

Two thumbs up. You’ve just claimed a spot on the short list of songs that immediately became one of my favorites. Stream “Bottle Go Bang” here:

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