Sounds: Mesa Luna // Feel Nothing

I remember when I felt nothing.

I had been having health problems for a long time; always feeling nauseous and shedding pounds I didn’t have. Not to mention the emotional disorders that I wouldn’t have diagnosed for another decade. After a few years I just went numb. You didn’t care though. You felt enough for the both of us.

Vancouver-based Mesa Luna wrote an ode for that special kind of person that loves someone who’s stuck and numb. It’s weird to look back on it and listen from another perspective. Someone with a warm heart reaching out to you and saying “let’s get out of here, you need a change.” The shoe-gazey synth invokes that feeling I often write about, sitting in a cold bedroom watching the lights from across the alley. It’s tragically comforting to listen to.

“Feel Nothing” is a melancholy, optimistic masterpiece.

Hear it below:


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