Sounds: JUNODEF // Heights

I’ve been on a death-kick since I was a kid. Darkness was never very dark. Feeling sadness was never very sad. All of it just made me feel, and after some struggles early in life (as many of us have), I was appreciative to feel anything at all. I think that made me like the darker, harder feelings more—all of it was just part of a grander adventure. Tender aches of the heart can be beautiful if you let them be.

Walking around in blackness can be fun.

My partner got me tickets to boygenius when they came to Brooklyn for that very reason. Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and  Lucy Dacus get it. They explore the complexities of the harder emotions with equal parts tact and blunt truth. It reminded me again of why I like feeling everything. Boygenius does that perfectly. And so do these guys.

The London based JUNODEF identifies as “post-death music,” exploring the dark in a way that’s rich and thick and gorgeous. Their music is a reminder to stop and feel. The human experience is more than rainbows and sunshine. And that’s the FUN of it. It’s all good. And honestly, we don’t have enough time day to day, or through our lives, to stop and feel. We rush around, pushing down sadness and excitement alike. Pushing on to the next thing. Never taking a moment to listen to ourselves and bask in our own personal truths (some of which might even connect us with others). So, all reminders are appreciated. It takes a very particular kind of band to explore that complexity. JUNODEF, you have my undivided attention.

Hear it below:



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