Sounds: Lizzy & The Fanatics // Les Fleurs Mortes

French pop!! Girl groups!! A bittersweet bop about nostalgia! Yes, yes, yes. J’ai besoin de plus, s’il vous plait. 

Montreal’s synth-pop dream girl, Lizzy writes, records, and produces her tracks, inspired by vintage synth and indie pop from the 80s and 90s, then performs them live with The Fanatics, featuring bassist Denise Trimm and Amelie Laplante on keys. Combining pop hooks with the ethics of a DIY musician, Lizzy’s found the secret formula to a catchy, sweet-as-sugar pop track without the bitter aftertaste.

“The song is about nostalgia,” Lizzy says of “Les Fleurs Mortes.” “How it can simultaneously make you feel the sad feelings of losing something from the past, at the same time as feeling content of remembering something that was good. I find that this ambivalence of feeling is a bit like drying dead flowers, preserving the memory of something nice.”

I love the ethereal intro, as well, followed by the launch into a bouncy, danceable beat. And did I mention French pop girl group already? I did? Oh well. I love it. Heart eyes all around.

Check it out here, maintenant.

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