Premiere: Ariel Gold // Blue

We LOVE finding new music here at Left Bank, and Ariel Gold‘s newest single, “Blue,” is the kind of track that has us all freaking out.

Dark, haunting, and ethereal, Ariel’s delivery is passionate and soulful, her R&B-tinged vocals breaking away abruptly into a spoken word piece over a pounding drum as the tension rises in the track.

“I am the offender

I am the offended

Even culture blows away

Nothing gold can stay” 

What I love about this track is how the throbbing, pulsating energy underneath Ariel’s voice drives it forward. It’s raw, sheer intensity, on the verge of breaking loose. Inspired by the painful experiences of her past but transformed through her creative vision, “Blue” is the cross-section of art, protest, and music.


Stream the exclusive premiere of “Blue” here:

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