Sounds: V-Neck Sweater // Retrieve

V-Neck Sweater – the solo bedroom recording project of architect and veteran indie musician Jake J. Brotter – might be a lo-fi, modest endeavor, but if “Retrieve” is any indication of what we can expect from this moonlighting musician, then we are seriously impressed.

“Retrieve” is fuzzy, driving, and laced with hopeful anxiety. The first single from his forthcoming EP, Second Cycle, which was written to chronicle the nervousness, anticipation, grief, and acceptance surrounding his and his wife’s struggle with infertility, “Retrieve” sets the tone for a record full of synth-pop jams, fuzzy soundscapes, and ambient interludes.

Second Cycle came into being as a necessary means of coping and coming to terms with an emotionally grueling year,” says Brotter. “[But I hope] that it will help to destigmatize fertility issues and open open up a dialogue amongst those who are silently suffering through similar circumstances.”

Stream “Retrieve” here:

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