Sounds: Dissolve in Sepia // Single Meaningful Element

Words by K

I was riding home today in an Uber after looking at apartments with this guy I’m dating // might marry, and we were riding through Bed Stuy, and I turned to him and said, “how many people in Brooklyn do you think are happy?”

It’s an honest question that I think a lot of us maybe don’t spend a lot of time thinking about; and Brazil’s Dissolve in Sepia really hits the nail on the head, while still putting out a gorgeous track.

Dissolve In Sepia is the alias of Brazilian composer and producer Ramon Fassina. Utilizing hardware synthesizers, field recordings, tape loops and real time tape processing, his delicate soundscapes and unique rhythms come together and bring forward a listening experience that has true depth.

“No I think most people in the world are unhappy”

As you go through the rest of the year, and 2019, stop and think about your happiness in real, tangible ways. In the meantime, listen to this track by Dissolve in Sepia.

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