Sounds: Slugly // Potion Seller

I feel like if Bob Dylan ever stayed awake for three days straight, got into an argument with a stranger, drank a case of energy shots, and then decided to break into a recording studio somewhere to track the first measures of his new sound, and then like…Jack White showed up to aid in the sonic destruction, it would sound like Slugly. With their erratic changes in dynamic, screaming vocals, overdriven guitars, and thundering drums and bass, “Potion Seller” combines the complete disregard for mankind Bob Dylan seems to give off so effortlessly with Jack White’s mad genius.

I dig it. I really dig it.

And I’m really glad I listened to this song today. It’s been one of those days where I had roughly forty-seven deadlines and was running out of time, and then I listened to some music and felt like the whole music industry was a sad joke anyway, so what was the point? But then I heard Slugly, and I not only got my second wind, but had my faith in the music industry restored. So thanks, guys.

Stream “Potion Seller” here:

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