Sounds x Family-Friendly Playlist

Words by K

We admit, we aren’t always the most straight-laced on the Left Bank (for good reason!) but it’s a holiday, and I’m sitting around going through submissions and thought what the hell, I mean what the heck, why not put together some tunes that you and your family can enjoy.

This will probably be the first and only time I do this so you know, it’s special.

P.S. Fuck Donald Trump and Stefano Gabbana.

Hi Mom.

Weston Decker – Mi Bruja

Not going to lie, I took YEARS of Spanish and still have no idea what they are saying. If it was in French, it would be a different story. Maybe I’ll Duolingo on the plane and get my act together.

Robert Connely Farr & the Rebelton Boys – Magnolia

This track we probably would never post because it’s like not dark or grungy enough, but you know what, I, Kristyn Potter, love the Scheiße out of this track.

Sonic Jesus – The Klas

Not going to lie, this track would find itself on Left Bank Mag ANY DAY (please send me more stuff! Also, long time Fuzz Club member) but it’s on my family-friendly playlist for two reasons. 1. It has Jesus in the title and 2. Well, everyone’s drunk uncle who used to hang out at CBGBs will love this.

Like I do.

Be still, my dark heart.

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